Bridge Training

Bridge Tuition:

Lessons by accredited Instructers

Systems and conventions approved by the South African Bridge Federation

Modest fees

Venue: Pretoria Bridge Centre

Time: Mondays at 13:00 for 13:30

Contact: Suzanne Weide (012) 460-6976

Learning to play bridge is not done in an afternoon, or even in a couple of days. You can learn the basic rules in a relatively short time, but one the the attractions iof the game is the fact that you never stop learning!

Tuition at the Bridge Centre is conducted in three sections, all playing on a Monday afternoon.

The first section is for the very beginners. Here they are taught the basic principles of the game, and the rules.

The second section is provides games for those who are comfortable enough to try playing the game against others. This is a carefully supervised game, with constant advice available.

The third section is the “Monday Club”. Having gained some experience, it provides a forum where the new players can complete with each other without the pressure of competitive bridge.