Welcome to North Gauteng Bridge.

The North Gauteng Bridge Union promotes the game of duplicate bridge in and around Pretoria. The Union comprises 5 affiliated clubs, as well as a number of support functions such as bridge classes, etc. Our Clubs cater both for newcomers and seasoned bridge players.

New players are welcome to join our ranks and can phone a Club representative for more information or simply come along to one of the weekly events. Please phone ahead of time if you require a partner. For more details see the Contacts page.

The game of bridge

Renowned as the world's most challenging mental sport, bridge is a game of skill, communication and infinite possibilities. Millions of people worldwide play at home and read daily bridge columns in newspapers. They advance to tournament or .duplicate. bridge to enjoy its social and competitive aspects.

Bridge is a partnership game using a standard pack of 52 cards dealt equally among four players. The players bid in a coded language to describe their hands to their partners and then play to make their contract. Generally, one suit is determined as .trump,. leading to the expression, .to play your trump card.. Duplicate bridge, in which the same hands are played by all, is the main form of competitive bridge.

The South African Bridge Federation (SABF) promotes bridge at national and international levels and represents the country on the World Bridge Federation (WBF). The Northern Gauteng Bridge Union is affiliated to the SABF.

How to find us:

The Pretoria Bridge Centre is located in Menlo Park close to the intersection of Atterbury Road and the N1 highway. The physical address is 37, 26th Avenue, Menlo Park.

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